Zalando x Yoga

At Zalando x Yoga event, find more inspo HERE!

Yesterday I went to a yoga event with Zalando and yoga instructor Sassa Asli. It was in Scandic Haymarket's beautiful spaces overlooking the Sunday market at Hötorget. We checked out the new yoga and workout gear, had a 1 hour yoga session with Sassa and then some relaxing mingle afterwards. Always fun to catch up with the girls from the team whenever they are in Stockholm. I was so relaxed after the session, almost fell asleep on the yoga mat. I have only tried yoga a couple of times before, but it was fun to do it with someone that really knows how to get the group in the right mood. To just be completely present and engaged in what you are doing right now. That's a rare luxury, that I want more of! Check out Zalando x Yoga for rad workout outfits, home yoga videos and pep talk from yoga experts - CLICK.


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