Wedding story pt. 2

Photos by Victor Ackerheim

This part makes me so full of love and warmth, the champagne and gifting moment we had in our parents appartment before the cermony. With my bridesmaids getting ready in our golden (and white bride) robes, laughing and cheering to love and support. Then I had gift bags for each one of them from our friends at Vass PR (thanks a million <3). They got Sephora lipstick and eyeshadow, ACO micellar cleansing water, Maroccan Oil hair treatment and EOS lip balm. The perfect getting ready kit for this weekend. Then we got dressed and ready for the cars to pick us up for the church cermony. And fun fact, it had been raining the entire morning, and just around this time the sky cracked up and changed from grey to blue skies. So grateful, just in time!