Wedding anniversary

​So this trip to Fiji is a Little late honeymoon / 1 year anniversary trip. When we got married August 2017, there was so much going on and we had a lot of work to get back to. *Life when you are running your own business, those who knows - knows so to speak*. We had a full week in Sweden for our wedding and celebrations each day, so we decided to postpone the dreamy trip until we are in a more calm situation where we could fully enjoy it and not have to be on our phones and laptops all the time. And now we are in Fiji, feeling like it was a pretty good decision still! The Island treats us so good, it's like being in a different world. This lace dress that I am wearing is from our girl and brand SOFIFI (Swedish designer), that I wore for one of the receptions during the wedding week. It's great quality lace with the perfect length and sleek sleeves, with a mysterious transparent fabric. Love it!


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