Visby snapshots

Last two photos are from

Part 1 of the snapshots I got with me from my days in Visby! Every year week 29 is "Stockholm week" down on the best Swedish Island Gotland. A bunch of people from Stockholm go down there and take over the island for a crazy party week. But it's getting more and more international, and even Americans and Australians have been starting to travel here for this particular week! I went with Joss from Wednesday 'til Sunday and we stayed at beautiful Tott Resort. The weather was perfect with blue skies and sunshine and we had some great day parties over at Kallis. Vacay mode to the fullest! I have so many memories from Visby, this is my 8th summer in a row there and I still love it. Meet so many old sweet friends and had so many amazing summer days/nights! Part 2 will come later...