Sunday mood

Wearing YMI jeans / Ur&Penn Watch / Cubus top

Weekend, where art thou? Seriously, why do you always have to pass by so fast? Having a total Sunday mood today, started with a big fruit bomb for breakfast and then a long workout at the gym. Off for some fun hangout later, but first I have some shooting to do. I have been practising like a maniac with our L-lens 24-70 mm and I gotta say my eye and mind is starting to get along with that big brutal lens after all. It's super eeavy, but the quality is thereafter as well. Stupid thing though, that it can't fit into our camera bag, does anyone know where to find cool camera bags? Functional, but also super important that it looks good and fashionable, since you bring it around to events, meetings and fashion weeks. Well well, even though I try to plan the weekends and be efficient, it's like they continue to slip through my fingers. But tomorrow is a new week and we are actually going to the vet with Elvis to remove his stitches, we're both so excited!