the house (2) the house (4) the house (5) the house (6) the house (1) the house (3)

Our amazing villa, you guys! Well decorated by Linda and Katarina (two of the bridesmaids ofc), to spice it up and personalize it. We had a lot of customized stuff like caps and kimonos, funny shaped food and balloons and cups etc. The house was so dreamy, it had 3 bedrooms, the one in the photos above was the master bedroom which J and L (Seoulsisters) slept in. We had a big balcony with a killer view and our own bathroom. In total we had 3 bathrooms and a big living room with kitchen. A super big outdoor patio and the big pool area. The house was  up on a high hill, away from the big road. Thanks to Bluegrounds for setting everything up so amazingly and smooth!


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