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Photos by the best Rasmus Lindahl

Had such a fun time at the Hanky Panky 40 years celebration brunch today! The sun was out which was perfect since it was an outdoor event at Hallwylska's backyard - such a pretty spot in Stockholm. The brunch consisted of pancakes, crab cakes (I think!?), fruit platter, eggs benedict and Bellinis. On the 5th photo you can see my awesome brunch company - singer Amanda Winberg, blogger Nicole Falciani and fashion photographer Demi Vincefi. RMPR, the PR agency that put together the event, called us the party table - since we were singing, dancing and eating at the same time to their spot on playlist haha... And oh, you see the big pink flowery cake? It was not only just pretty, it was sooo tasty. My sugar addiction really approved!


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