Just got back from a two hour long workout session at the gym in my block. Working a mix match of two of my new Aimn Sportswear sets (one that is normally black and white and one that is green with white spots). Feels so good to be back at it, just updated my gym card and really need to get back to routines. I feel how weak my back is, since I am always on the computer and sitting still a lot. I get tired because of it really quickly, so now I will definitely focus on my back and stomach to build a stronger body for my work situation. Cross-training, spinning and regular weight lifting and machines will be my Tools. Got a personal trainer for some hours as well, might try and use that and see what they have to say. Had the best power smoothie for lunch as you might saw on Insta story - peanut butter, vanilla protein powder, yoghurt, milk and raspberries mixed. But I also looove love avocados in smoothies, so will try one including avos next time..!


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