Rhino blues

Wearing CBKD x BNKR dress / NLY shoes / Chanel bag / Lulu DK tattoo

So much LIKE on this dress seriously! The color, pattern and the cute rhinos on the shoulders are just dreamy. All shades of blue goes so well with light brown hair and tanned skin.

I have been working nonstop the last week, it has just been crazy. Running on meetings and errands, taking care of my puppy Elvis and running two full time jobs at the same time. Well, this is my everyday life, not just last week! I love every single thing of it, but gosh I wish there were like 48 hours on a day instead of 24 hours. Then I might just have been able to finish all the things I want to do. Taking one day at the time, and on Saturday my other half J is coming to town and I know I will gain loads of new energy and motivation!