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Soooo we hosted the party of the year! What an amazing group of friends we have, me and V are so so happy and our hearts are full with the memories from the party <3 We invited 50 of our closest friends to join us at the beautiful space at 7A Strandvägen. We had decorated the place all day with decorations and activities. We had everything from gold curtains, candy bags in gold and with unicorns and silver candy scoops, leopard cloth for the beer pong and Happy Birthday signs. All from the best site Partytajm where we found all of our decorations, the products are clickable if you want to find them and much more! 

We started with a pre drink in the pink room to have a welcome toast with some bubbles and then we revealed the theme of the night, which was arcade hall! Me and V love to be childish and play all sorts of games and we always get so excited if we find an arcade hall. So we told everybody that there was going to be 5 challenges going on during the evening and we divided them into teams. The first round was a beer pong tournament with 6 teams. The leopard cloths made it look so much more cool and we even had leopard videos playing in the background on a screen. Everybody from my side knows that I am a big fan of leopard print and has been forever. People got really excited during the beer pong tournament so it was an awesome icebreaker Before the dinner. Then we had a seated dinner, all vegetarian, which was soooo yummy!