Parisian lunch

Wearing DollyGirl Fashion body / Popcherry skirt

We found this super cute and cosy place in the middle of Apgujong, perfect setting for a Parisian lunch. They have a super tasty mac 'n cheese and meatball platter. We also had some cute pastries with big lattes afterwards. After all I eat with my eyes and these cute places got me hooked. I love food and to cook, before I always used to cook at home and learn new dishes, but it's getting a lot less of that now. So much work, that I don't have the energy and passion to do it when I get home after 12 hours at the office. And takeaway food is so cheap in Seoul, even cheaper then the raw products. So basically everyone here eats out or order home delivery. It's very convenient and you adapt to the crowd here. Work and education is always the first priority and food comes second kind of. But I still love food and a nice meal, so we have a bunch of favorite places and hideaways in Seoul. And it's always popping up new places in the crowded areas, so there is always so much new cool places and exciting concepts to try out!