Mesh boots

Wearing Malene Birger dress / NLY shoes / 1st Rumor bag

Oh, this month have been really messy for me - which I don't really like since I'm a person who likes control (a.k.a. control freak sometimes). Work stuff have made me say no to other work stuff and private happenings have had me say no to other private events. Feel like I'm missing out on things, still I'm working and socializing 24/7. Gonna take this weekend and the week between Christmas and New Year's to sort things out and get my head straight for 2017. Christmas times now, no snow at the moment in Stockholm but sooo cold. Got a shoot to do later today and then I'm meeting up with Jos. And my throat is hurting a bit, don't really have time to get sick - so obsessing vitamins and Coldzyme right now. My Elvis have been sick too for a week, but he is better now and getting back to his happy place (doggy care) on Monday.