Mall of Scandinavia launch

At the pre-launch of Mall of Scandinavia

Had a great time at the big opening of MOS tonight, we had around 3 hours before the public were allowed to enter the building. It was a lot of food, celebrities and events within the event going on. Some of the things we had time to check off were the IMAX Theatre, chocolate tasting at Lindt, watching Miriam Bryant perform, a long visit to the Disney store (bought a cuddly Ior for Elvis) and a special experience at the JC (ACE) store. Got a fab pair of black flares, just what I needed and they were a perfect fit! It was all and all a great experience, they really succeded to create something really new for Sweden and I can see us coming here for a full day of shopping, cinema, beauty treatments, dinner, arcades and coffee breaks. It was really nicely done and beautiful spaces!


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