Kaylee Cho Denouement

Visiting our favorite designer in Seoul - Kaylee Cho x Denouement. She has the most amazing showroom in Apgujong with lines of leather perfection, soft colors and Scandinavian inspired designs. Here is some photos from our latest fitting, so happy to be working with such a talented designer! You can also find her collection at Spalt PR in Stockholm.




Kimberley S.October 13, 2011I'm still sticking with my main cicohe, which is Sophie. My backup cicohes are Levi and Lydia. And maybe Scott. Why? Well, from Rachel Clarke's teasing post I gathered that the novella takes place after If I Die which definitely eliminates Addy as a cicohe and makes Lydia , Levi and Sophie strong possibilities (I think). I also gathered that the narrator is someone who surprised Rachel and who she didn't expect to like as the narrator. Which I think will also count for me. I would be most surprised if the narrator was either Sophie, Levi, Lydia or Scott. But unless Scott comes back from his unstable mental state I don't think he'll be the narrator. If he does, he's also a strong possibility.I've eliminated Emma and Alec based on the fact that I don't think the novella will be about them. I feel like Alec's story was already told when his character was introduced and Emma (and Sabine) had Neiderwald.I've eliminated Tod and Nash based on the fact that Tod already has his novella and Nash was a part of it. I don't think Nash will get his seperate novella , but I might be wrong about this. So I've eliminated Nash, Tod, Emma, Alec and Addison.That leaves Sophie, Levi, Lydia, Scott and Avari.I also think (and hope)that Tod and Kaylee will be a big part of the novella. So the narrator would have to be someone close to them or someone who either knows them well or spends time around them.The obvious cicohes based on that and certain events that took place in If I Die and things that might still happen in the novella make Levi, Sophie and Lydia the obvious cicohes.I eliminated Scott and Avari because they don't meet the above criteria unless something changes in the novella.I decided to go with Sophie because her being the narrator would surprise me the most and because of that thing mentioned in If I Die she might be around Kaylee and Tod more. I also wouldn't like her as a narrator at first glance, but I have a feeling that Mrs. Vincent can