Heidi hoodie

Wearing Heidi Klum by Lidl hoodie / River Island shoes

The funny thing about leopard print is that I have loved it since I was a kid, I had at least 10 pieces of it in my warderobe such as panties, tops, hats and shoes. And I keep coming back to it, so happy it comes back in trend over and over again, it lways catches my eye. Finally also got to show off some legs with the tan I got in Austin, sunshine and over 30 degrees celcius, I ain't complaining! And this collection by Heidi Klum was sold in the Lidl stores in a limited edition. Everything from shoes, jackets and skirts. Been around last week visiting my friends at six different showrooms for the upcoming Seoul Fashion Week. Gotta make sure we have all the best outfits with us, found a lot of twinning looks which we are super excited to shoot it and show you guys!