So we checked in to one of our favorite spots in Stockholm - Haymarket Hotel - for a bridesmaids night on the Thursday before the wedding weekend. Love the interior at this place, it's so pretty. We had 2 Grande Double rooms that we shared for the evening and we had a little girls time before heading down to the big dinner.

We met up with all the Americans (from Andy's side) for a big dinner at their restaurant Paul's. I think we were about 30-40 people for the dinner so we took up quite a bit of the restaurant on floor 2. We both had the tasty steak tartar.

We had some drinks and had so much fun taking these group photos up in one of the rooms. It's incredible how you become like a little family through the journey of someone's wedding. From the planning, to the bachelorette party, from the group chats before the wedding, the bridesmaids night, to the actual wedding weekend.

It ended with a night out on town with the rest of the group. 30 people, both Swedish and Americans, out on Obaren and Spy Bar, dancing the night away. A real fun welcome evening, where everybody got to know each other. Then us girls slept at the hotel and woke up for a lovely (and super big) breakfast at their restaurant, and then headed back to the office for work on the Friday morning.