Everyday makeup

Isadora - Face Sculptor / Perfect brow kit / Volume mascara / Twist-up matt lips / Brush

As promised - a quick beauty tutorial about my everyday makeup! I like to keep it nude and neutral, with a bit of fresh color on the lips after season. I also try to avoid to many layers and products, so that my skin can breathe as much as possible on the everyday basis. I prefer to have just a few favorite survival items to carry with me in my bag, not a big makeup case.

I start with some contouring, mostly by my cheeks and nose. This easy face sculptor kit has a simple and very useful guide on the backside. Then I go on with the brows, quite thick but not to dark. Next is a matt lip pen and finally volume mascara. Super simple and it takes about 5-10 minutes only, which is good when you are always in a rush!


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