In collaboration with Eventup& Selfiebox

Okay more fun from party of the year! It's so fun to look at all the photos from the party and see all of our dear ones having a blast and playing around. We actually had friends flying in from Switzerland and Copenhagen for this party which means so much for us <3 So after dinner we had 3 more challenges going on at the same time, which were dancing (TV-game 4 at a time), karaoke (Singstar) and round table tennis. So two teams against each other at each station (we were 6 teams) and then we rotated. People were really going all-in which was so much fun to see and people that didn't know each other became best team mates. At this point we opened up all the rooms that we had hidden from the guests, which contained all of these activities and also the photobooth! Our friends went nuts about this and took so many photos in the machine, in couples or friends or people they didn't even know that well. They left the photo strips in our guest book, which was such a great moment for me & V to look at the day after. Let's just say it wasn't one single serious photo haha <3 We also had the cutest cotton candy machine which people had so much fun trying to make their own cotton candy cone. And at last, we had the finals of the competition! It was the night duel ("Nattduellen"), which you can see on photo 2 and 5. We had the leading teams meeting each other to gather the last big points in the final round. One stick will turn off and you are suppose to catch that one first. You really need to see this live and you can find it all under our highlight called L&V party on our Instagram! You can find the night duel, the table tennis, the cotton candy machine and the photobooth at Eventup & Selfiebox.

To our Swedish followers: Ni kan hyra nattduellen, hyra pingisbord, hyra sockervaddsmaskin och hyra fotoautomat genom att klicka på länkarna. Riktiga partyhöjare! <3