Let's go SS18

Wearing Dry Lake dresses / River Island shoes

New week, new blog portal and new location! We are in Seoul together for fashion week ss18 with Hera and we are super excited to be back for our actual 9th season in Korea (!), can't even believe that we have been here that many times now. Inlove with this city you know, our second home truly. Our new home is also Nouw for our blog, which feels like a super fresh start for whats to come. They actually have an app for your phone so that we can blog directly from our Iphones, how cool? It's always a pain to do the transit of the blog and the domain and all the posts, but they have been sooo helpful. Feeling right at home! So this is our 4th portal since we started blogging for 3 years ago, crazy how time flies. Started on Modette, then Projection, then PunktSG by Stockholmsgruppen and now Nouw - let's do this!