Dior Café

At Dior Café in Cheongdam-dong

Our favorite project workplace and meeting place in Seoul is this beautiful spot and café in Dior’s flagshop store. Feeling like a princess and being work effective at the same time, we could live like that for sure. The pastries and the coffee are amazing which of course is the biggest plus. The staff is like our friends squad already and you kind of get a bit of an interior inspiration from this place, right? The pastels with the silver and everything shiny, hallelujah! They also have the cutest outdoor patio, we’ll show you next time. Anyways working on new fun collaborations involving jewelry and watches, coming up quite soon… Speaking of jewelry, you see our beautiful silver & gold bracelets which says ”SISTER POWER”? They’re from Syster P’s collaboration with Barnfonden, we’re supporting our sisters around the world whom may not be as fortunate in life, stick together always!