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Floating Island

floating islands

Hello from Seoul! Spending my evening at one of our new favorite hotspots Floating Island, which is an artificial Island in the middle of Hangang River. It has a restaurant, a yacht club and a party club. Been here for a couple of weekends now and I really like it – this time with my girl Brigitte who also lives in Seoul for the most part. We have our men with us and ready for a night full of delicious umbrella drinks!


Wedding story pt. 8








Photos by Victor Ackerheim

From the dinner to the cake and coffee room. We had the most incredible golden cake from Tårtcouture, a cake designer in Stockholm. It was all chocolate with raspberry and toffee inside. We cut the cake together of course, and then we had a standing mingle. People took so much photos and videos during the night, so much fun to see it all afterwards. Then we took the party to the dance floor. We had a DJ and an open bar for the guests, in stunning rooms with sea view. We opened up the dance floor with the wedding couple’s first dance, then Andy and his mum and then me and dad. After that we surprised everyone with dancing to ‘Gangnam style’. Which all the groom’s men and bridesmaids were in on and jumped on the dancefloor. That really got the dancefloor going and we danced all night. And even after 1 am we continued our night at Café Opera with a large private area. It was so much fun that so many of the guests joined for the club as well. Then me and Andy spent our first night as man and wife at the prettiest suite at our favorite spot Haymarket (thank you for taking such good care of us). They surprised us with dessert and champagne! It was a real late night, and then on the Sunday (day after) it was a boat trip out to Fjäderholmarna with a super big picnic for over 70 people!


Wedding story pt. 7








Photos by Victor Ackerheim

The dinner was a 3 course served dinner at the venue 7A Strandvägen, where L also works on a daily basis. The rooms are so pretty and the staff made magic to the seating and decor. We were around 70 guests and sat in tables of 6 people. So many a-m-a-z-i-n-g speeches from parents, siblings and friends. Both super funny ones and super emotional ones. The video from the bachelorette party in Mykonos was showed and also video greetings from people who couldn’t make it to Sweden. We had seafood ceviche, apple smoked tendered beef and cheese platter before heading to the cake room. Never wanting it to end xx


Wedding story pt. 6









So this part is from the wedding reception, while everyone was downstairs at the ground floor enjoying drinks and canapés, I was up on the third floor (where I also work on a daily basis), making sure everything was under control. The setup, the seat chart, the decorations, the chefs  and the time schedule. Little wedding planner L running around up and down to make sure everything were on it’s place. Many weeks of planning and you just want to make sure that nothing is forgotten. Our staff did such a wonderful job with the dinner space, don’t you think? I almost felt relaxed for a while haha. Down at the ground floor we had a photo booth and some other fun activities going on. People left their photos with a greeting in the guest book for the couple to keep as a memory.


Wedding story pt. 5







Photos by Victor Ackerheim

Some of the photos from the wedding photo session at Djurgården. Our first location in mind was actually Gärdet, but we were held back by large traffic jams due to some kind of running race in the city. But Djurgårn was really quiet and pretty during these hours, so it was a great spot as well. We had around one hour before we really had to head back to the wedding reception before the dinner.

I can honestly tell you, that I got married in my dream wedding dress. Deep back, corset lacing in the back, long veil and dress, handembroidery with white pearls and lots of lace.


Wedding story pt. 4







Photos by Victor Ackerheim

The people……. This day would not have been this perfect without anyone of our guests. So happy and grateful that both people from Sweden and from across the globe came to Stockholm for this special day. Family and friends greeted us by throwing white rose petals and soap bubbles outside the church, before the photo session started. We had a big group photo taken outside of the church, not so easy to coordinate haha… And all the people walking by in Kungsträdgården took photos of us as well. We had the rest of the group photos in their backyard which was easier. All bridesmaids, groom’s men and families. Then the wedding guests headed to the wedding dinner location and me and Andy headed out on Djurgården for our wedding photoshoot.