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Bride Squad

squad (2)

squad (1)

The full on bride squad from the bachelorette in Mykonos! It was such great fun to live together all of us seven girls in one house during this trip, we became like a little squad literally. We went out one night with these pretty golden kimonos and another night we had matching caps and so on. Let’s just say we had a lot of customized stuff with us from Sweden and the U.S. It really made everything much more fun!


Inspo living room

83188 Palm leaves 50x70



Making some changes right now in my apartment, waiting for a personalized neon sign and 4 wall posters. Still looking for an antique gold mirror tho, really hard to find. Need to start going to auctions on Sundays haha… Above are some of my inspo photos at the moment. With the new rug, velvet arm chair and palms it will get soooo good I believe. Goal is to finalize this summer!


Work work work

Cool Company interview

#Ad – In collaboration with Cool Company

We both have other jobs besides the blog, Jenny works as a magazine editor and Linda works with events, so there is not much time for more administration work for us. We are constantly looking for anything that can help us save time when it comes to work. With Cool Company we can also decide how we want it and when to use it. It doesn’t get easier than this! Read our full story/interview on their website (only in Swedish) HERE xx

This is an ad in collaboration with Cool Company


Bag lovers

My favorite babies on the shelf right now, love to display them like decorations. Finally started to clean out oldies and make it nice and Clean. Getting closer to the big thing I have been dreading about – to clean out my closets. I have been getting rid of one or two pieces every now and then, but I really need to clean it out once and for all. To be able to see what I have and to sort it all. Any tips? It’s such a chaos, can’t even find stuff when I want too. Think I need to take a whole weekend for it…


Cherry blossoms

The time of the year when Kungsträdgården in Stockholm is blooming with cherry blossoms, and it’s soooo crowded with people taking photos. It’s super pretty and feels like a bit of Asia in my beloved Stockholm. We filmed something fun here yesterday, me and the best team from NOBE, will show you later of course! And we are planning some events together for summer and also a competition, stay tuned xx