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Up in the mountains

golden (3)

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The days flies by here in paradise, always waking up late and gathering all the girls at the pool. Sunbathing and sleeping on our floaties until it’s time to get ready for next happening. Today we have our favorite place Scorpios (already been here twice this week) on the agenda and then two more spots, including the inofficial opening of Void, the biggest night club here. Everyone is so welcoming here and taking such good care of us. Both thumbs up for Greek people, so friendly!



dinner place (1)

dinner place (2)

When your dinner spot looks like this..? I mean c’mon, how pretty! Mykonos town has the most beautiful alleys with cute spots everywhere. We had so many recommendations on restaurants, so we have no idea how we are going to have time with like half of them. And the Greek cuisine has blown our pallets away, love tsatsiki, fried zuccini, souvlaki, moussaka and the late snack creperies.


When in Visby

Spending my weekend in Visby, my favorite island in the world. Just outside Swedish mainland, one hour by plane or 4 hours on the ferry. I have spent 10 summers in a row here and we have a summer house here. Really love the beautiful settings and the calm life here. The sunsets are beyond this world and they have th best ice cream shop with over 300 (!!) different flavours. We will bike around the beaches, stroll around in town, swim in the pool and eat dinners in the sunsets. Love being back, summer feels.


Dongdaemun view

ky heritage (1)

ky heritage (3)

Amazing view from Le Chef’s restaurant at KY Heritage Hotel in Dongdaemun, just across the street from DDP. Cosy dinner spot with all the busy streets and city lights and high buildings outside. We had the mango/cheese salad, tryffle and mushroom risotto and creamy soup. In between events, our little hideaway during stressy days.



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fila tivoli (4)

fila tivoli (8)

Wearing Junkyard top / PLNY LA jacket / Tobi skirt

Felt right at home at the pier, already planning to go back to LA soon, so inlove with this place. Feeling so carefree and full of life. It’s been a blast working with so many awesome people lately. But right now the focus is to plan the wedding and finding the perfect dress. Got some appointments when L and mum is coming to Seoul in the end of March. So hopefully we get some luck there!