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Villa Amarillo

the house (2)

the house (4)

the house (5)

the house (6)

the house (1)

the house (3)

Our amazing villa, you guys! Well decorated by Linda and Katarina (two of the bridesmaids ofc), to spice it up and personalize it. We had a lot of customized stuff like caps and kimonos, funny shaped food and balloons and cups etc. The house was so dreamy, it had 3 bedrooms, the one in the photos above was the master bedroom which J and L (Seoulsisters) slept in. We had a big balcony with a killer view and our own bathroom. In total we had 3 bathrooms and a big living room with kitchen. A super big outdoor patio and the big pool area. The house was  up on a high hill, away from the big road. Thanks to Bluegrounds for setting everything up so amazingly and smooth!


Catamaran day








This was by far the best experience in Greece, our private catamaran day! Our captain Martin is in one of the group photos and he was so cute and helpful all day, We also had a skipper named Anna who cooked an amazing dinner for us onboard. We were out all afternoon and evening, getting some tan and stopped in two beautiful bays by small islands for a swim in the crystal blue water. Then we had the big dinner and then we watched the sunset together, everyone just in total silence ‘cuz we were all struck by how beautiful is was. We all sat by the net just looking out. Then we had some drinks and music, before heading back to the port and our second dinner by the ocean.


Float away

floaties (2)

floaties (1)

The infinity pool was definitely our center of attention of the house, it was salt water and had the most amazing view. We always gathered there to share our hangovers and to get some sun and listen to music. And very important – our floaties! The flamingo, the pineapple, the unicorn, the melon and the donut just made everything so much more fun. It took us our last breaths to blow them up and we almost fainted, but it was so worth it. Total bff’s in the pool and from now on going with us on every vacation where we will have a big pool. We still have the unicorn and the donut, the rest the others got to keep. We were all like little kids in the pool, haha jumping on the floaties and racing each other..!


Pink flowers

pink flowers (1)

pink flowers (2)

Feeling happy as a kid in these environments, every street and spot is just so pretty! The Greeks have actually understood what is means to have a photo-friendly land. Had so much fun today, we had a quiz game where my fiancé had filmed himself answering questions about our relationship, and I had to answer before I got to see his answer. If we had the same answer I would get 1 point, in total I got 7 out of 17 points… haha! Now time for some shopping and white chocolate crepes in the old town.


Breakfast spot

breakfast (3)

breakfast (2)

Late breakfast with the squad at this spot every morning. We took turns making a little buffet inside with everything from fresh fruit, vegetables, bread, chocolate croissants, yoghurt and coffee. Then we all sat in the shadow at our big outside table with view over the whole ocean. At first quiet and peaceful and then after a while when everyone had their coffee, we all started babbling and getting exciting for the new day’s schedule!


Up in the mountains

golden (3)

golden (2)

golden (1)

The days flies by here in paradise, always waking up late and gathering all the girls at the pool. Sunbathing and sleeping on our floaties until it’s time to get ready for next happening. Today we have our favorite place Scorpios (already been here twice this week) on the agenda and then two more spots, including the inofficial opening of Void, the biggest night club here. Everyone is so welcoming here and taking such good care of us. Both thumbs up for Greek people, so friendly!