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The Bachelorette movie

Yaaay – it’s finally here for your eyes only! Our little bachelorette party movie from Mykonos that Joyce, one of the bridesmaids, put together. And of course our favorite song is playing in the background, Despacito, which we had on repeat the entire trip haha.. Hope you like it as much as we do – it was truly the trip of our lives!


Gothenburg bound

Really enjoying the festival feeling – it’s unreal. No problems exist in the world right here, it’s just love in the air. Being here is just to live in the now, laughing with friends and getting lost in the music. Today we had a crazy day party on the schedule with Chimi Eyewear, you might saw it on our Insta story. They had secret performers and a lot of confetti and sparkles and fire! The place was packed and the sun came out, giving it the last boost for a total kickass party. After that we headed to the festival area to watch the XX and Major Lazer. A tear or two during the XX and a lot of jumping and dancing during Major Lazer’s late consert. We danced all night to say the least…


Visby here we go

Back for the 10th year in a row – can’t believe this is happening! Haha, such a long time and I still love this place in the summers. We do have a summer house here, so that’s of course why I have been here every summer since then. But also being back at week 29 is very special, with all the memories and it gets me a lil emotional actually. But I always said that 10 years should do, so we’ll see for next year. Love spending these days with my 3 girls!


Up in here

lace (1)

lace (2)

lace (3)

Inlove with the view from our villa Amarillo, couldn’t have had a better bachelorette party! Just so much happiness, laughters and amazing memories. Just the view over the whole freaking ocean!? So breath-taking. Can’t wait to see everyone at the wedding. Special thank you to Bluegrounds for our unforgettable stay in this huge and beautiful┬ávilla!


Summer dreams

snaps (2)

snaps (3)

snaps (4)

snaps (5)

Some snaps from Mykonos, inlove with this beautiful place for real. We are definitely going back here someday, the squad is already talking about going back here all together for a reunion after the wedding. Who knows right!? It’s so “hard” to discover the world and new places, when you fall inlove with so many destinations on the way that you just want to go back to haha. But this was on our top 3 list of best travels together.