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Wearing Ivyrevel kimono / Keepsake pants  / NLY top

Greece will always be a big and loving memory for me, to host such a massive bachelorette party for my sis was a dream come true. Can’t wait to see what she will plan for me when it’s my turn haha! The destination unknown theme was such a success and we just chose the most random place we could think of. So super freaking excited for the wedding in August now, but first I got Visby for my 10th year in a row to head to. With my own little squad Jo, Laui and Elvis – it will be so much fun, see you there soon!


Flower satin

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Wearing The Kooples kimono / NLY slippers

So inlove with the Greek alleys and my new satin kimono, so comfy and pretty. Perfect for any situation, going to the beach, going shopping or going out. Definitely one of my new favs in the closet. It’s been hard to get back to reality after Mykonos, we had the best trip already miss all the girls. It feels to empty! And we totally turned the day upside down, feels weird to go up early to work again…


Multicolors graffiti

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Wearing Moschino top / Balmain skirt / JennieEllen bag / Karl Lagerfeld shoes

Spent most of my weekend to find motivation to create and get things done, which I have been lacking a bit lately. Many long walks, workout sessions and coffee on the balcony with to do lists. May is always the busiest month during the whole spring season, so I think it’s just been a little bit too much of everything and same thing happened last year. Really looking forward to welcome June and July for a bit more calm and freedom. Looking into buying a new lense for my Canon 5D Mark III and focusing on my creative side more, which is my passion and what I love to do. It’s been too much work behind the screen and paper work. Hopefully you will see the difference!


Denim and pink

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Wearing Chiquelle top / MisterSpex – Stella McCartney shades / YMI jeans / Gucci belt / Lee vintage jacket / Gaston Luga bag

This oversized jeans jacket has been with me for quite some time now, it’s definitely one of my basic pieces in my closet that will always stay there. I wear it a whole lot during summer and spring season. Works with denim to denim like in this look, but also to a short summer dress or flowy pants and heels. Basically anything! And yup, still inlove with dusty pink and I have so many great pieces in the studio right now. Taking my new Stella shades out on town, they have the perfect cool detail with chains on the side. Going to Norlie & KKV tonight with Mathilda at Gröna Lund, the amusement park. So excited, feeling like a little kid again!


Silver reflections

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Wearing Miu Miu shades from Misterspex / Charles & Keith bag / Closet London dress / Jennie-Ellen shoes

Super excited to start with summer looks, really getting into the mood now halfway through May. This body-figured Icon dress is perfect for summer parties and events, or even a summer wedding actually. Pairing it with my new faaavorite shades, how pretty? Such a great fit and just goes with everything.

Had so much fun at yesterday’s day party at Kåken with some girlfriends. It was so crowded, the queue was all over the street outside the doors. I don’t even think everyone in the queue got in to be honest. It was so good music with afrobeat theme and such a good vibe. Then we had a stay-in night yesterday with an awesome barbeque on the balcony and watching the Eurovision Song Contest, with Sweden running up on 5th place, pretty good scores. So today is all work behind the laptop, Sunday funday they say xx