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glad live brunch (7)

glad live brunch (8)

glad live brunch (3)

Can my living room please look like at Flint’s dining? It’s just so dreamy, big interior inspo. Fixing a little bit in my apartment in Seoul at the moment, just made my makeup table all marble and I’ve been cleaning out my closet and organizing. My fiancé is away on his bachelor party in Canada, so taking some extra time to fix. Time to get going to Rodeo street for a meeting now!


Candy apples

glad live brunch (12)

glad live brunch (2)

Back for brunch at Glad Live in Gangnam Seoul, perfect for a longer  and lil fancier brunch time. Inlove with the interior here, so much marble and gold. The candied apples are just too cute, too much sugar for my teeth but such a cute detail. Time for wedding planning! Boat and rehearsal dinner place booked, time to make some decisions on the cake… xx


Usine brunch

At Usine in Stockholm

Just gotta recommend this brunch to y’all in Sweden, so freakin’ tasty! Went there with wifey last Sunday and had a great experience. Waffles, brunch plates, halloumi burgers and shakes – yassss. Crazy busy week right now, yesterday I had a recording for a short commercial film and coming up I have a press event with ASOS at Sensum, photoshoot, showroom visits and a meeting to plan for something coming up this summer.


Selma Spa weekend

Having the most relaxing weekend at Selma Spa in Sunne with my team. We arrived late yesterday and checked in at the spa hotel. After a quick freshen up, we (7 girls) met up for a cosy 3 course dinner at the hotel. Early night and then spa treatments and massages for all during today, and also workout sessions and walks in the forest tracks. Tonight dinner all together again and then more pooling and sauna tomorrow. Every spot of the resort is so calming and it feels like walking around in a doze here. It was a looong time ago I felt so disconnected and calm in myself, I gotta tell you. We really needed this!