Candy room

In collaboration with Candypeopleand Hyrenchokladfontän

This was 100% my initiative and dream for the party - to have a candy room! So much more fun than having a seated dessert. I like to make it more personal at my parties and everyone knows that I love candy, I'm a real sweet tooth. Had this vision in my head for so long, so just had to make it happen! We had an entire room for this together with the photobooth. The guests got to fill their own candy bag with their own favorites any time during the last 4 challenges of the competition and then some even had a candy bag with them on the night club Le! where we went afterwards to dance our socks off! The perfect night snack to find candy in your bag haha. My favorite from Candypeople is of course the Sandwich bite, cannot live without it. And on top of this, we had a milk chocolate fountain with loads of fresh fruit to dip in it. Big big dream of mine, my very own chocolate fountain! At first I wanted to have white chocolate which is my favorite, but then I remembered to think about the guests as well haha... So we went with milk chocolate, more for everyone!