Bronze jacket

Wearing Heich es Heich jacket / Zara shoes

Remember this bronze jacket from SFW? It's sooo cray, we saw it on the runway last season and knew that we had to get them for the upcoming show. They are really something special, a bit hard to sit in but magical to look at. Fashion is hardcore, you know - it's not just glam underneath. Since blue is the logo color for SFW, they used a blue carpet for the shows and it looked super fancy.

Can't believe it's December soon, trying to get into Christmas mood by listening to Christmas songs, but it's not really working. It's still fall in Seoul and just as much work, so I think it will have to pass by a week or two before I get into it. But the December issue of ELLE is now out and Seoulsisters fashion diary from Stockholm fashion week is in it, beyond excited! You might have seen a peek of it on Instagram, but more photos will come up on the blog.