Behind the scenes

Hi! What do you buy for a guys bday? My mind is totally blank! Meeting up Josefine after work to have a quick look in some stores. Tomorrow we are going to a bday bash with a 130 people, celebrating two guys - high expectations of course!

And oh, I got a big and heavy goodiebag stuffed with chocolate, tea, books, daycream from Emma S. and a spa-o-gram. The tea is so tasty, you should try it! Blueberry muffin and vanilla caramel from Lipton, it's in the grocery stores now. Thanks a lot B&D!


Hey! Some behind the scenes from the photoshoot for GEA. The same photographer that will help us shoot a new header for the blog. Really like this studio, I could spend days and days there! Just got home from a roadtrip outside of Seoul, seeing a lot of exiting places and beaches (!), it's important to be a tourist in the country you live in sometimes. There is always things and places that you had no idea about!

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