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Wedding story pt. 5







Photos by Victor Ackerheim

Some of the photos from the wedding photo session at Djurgården. Our first location in mind was actually Gärdet, but we were held back by large traffic jams due to some kind of running race in the city. But Djurgårn was really quiet and pretty during these hours, so it was a great spot as well. We had around one hour before we really had to head back to the wedding reception before the dinner.

I can honestly tell you, that I got married in my dream wedding dress. Deep back, corset lacing in the back, long veil and dress, handembroidery with white pearls and lots of lace.


Wedding story pt. 4







Photos by Victor Ackerheim

The people……. This day would not have been this perfect without anyone of our guests. So happy and grateful that both people from Sweden and from across the globe came to Stockholm for this special day. Family and friends greeted us by throwing white rose petals and soap bubbles outside the church, before the photo session started. We had a big group photo taken outside of the church, not so easy to coordinate haha… And all the people walking by in Kungsträdgården took photos of us as well. We had the rest of the group photos in their backyard which was easier. All bridesmaids, groom’s men and families. Then the wedding guests headed to the wedding dinner location and me and Andy headed out on Djurgården for our wedding photoshoot.


Wedding story pt. 3

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Photos by Victor Ackerheim

The cermony took place in Sankt Jacob’s church in Kungsträdgården. A beautiful and huge church in the center of Stockholm. The adorable flower girl spread white rose petals on the aisle and then the bridesmaids and the groom’s men walked in 4 couples down the aisle. First out of them, was my maid of honor Linda and my husband’s best man and brother Mitch. Then it was time for dad to walk me down the aisle and hand me over to Andy. It was so unreal to see all the loving faces facing us with all smiles and love while walking down. No words can’t really describe that feeling right there, it’s like no other. The cermony was held in English, since 70% of the guests were not from Sweden. We both said “I do” and then I looked out over all the guests and I saw so many happy tears among friends and family.


Wedding story pt. 2








Photos by Victor Ackerheim

This part makes me so full of love and warmth, the champagne and gifting moment we had in our parents appartment before the cermony. With my bridesmaids getting ready in our golden (and white bride) robes, laughing and cheering to love and support. Then I had gift bags for each one of them from our friends at Vass PR (thanks a million <3). They got Sephora lipstick and eyeshadow, ACO micellar cleansing water, Maroccan Oil hair treatment and EOS lip balm. The perfect getting ready kit for this weekend. Then we got dressed and ready for the cars to pick us up for the church cermony. And fun fact, it had been raining the entire morning, and just around this time the sky cracked up and changed from grey to blue skies. So grateful, just in time!


The Bachelorette movie

Yaaay – it’s finally here for your eyes only! Our little bachelorette party movie from Mykonos that Joyce, one of the bridesmaids, put together. And of course our favorite song is playing in the background, Despacito, which we had on repeat the entire trip haha.. Hope you like it as much as we do – it was truly the trip of our lives!


Wedding story pt. 1

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We have so many photos from the wedding weekend, thanks to our amazing photographer Victor Ackerheim who was with us the entire day from the morning prep to the dancefloor at night. We have received a lot of questions about the wedding and the dress and the locations etc. So we figured we’ll give you a real insight in 8 parts.

These are some snaps from the morning of the wedding day 19th of August. The day started early at 8 am for hair and makeup at Preston hair , close by Karlaplan. Mum was with me and she also got her makeup done there. It was a nice way to start this overwhelming and amazing day. We had the super long veil with us to finalize the hairdo and the perfect wedding jewelry from our dear Caroline Svedbom. Crystal drops in both earrings and necklace to complete the look. My hairdo was a coiffure with loose braids and small waves, and topped off with a thin crystal tiara.