Adidas Runners CPH

In Copenhagen city

Today we ran Adidas Runners race in Copenhagen city, along a super beautiful course around a lake. The sun was shining and the summer was still on. A 1000 people participated in the race and among them were Adidas Runners from 17 cities. Our Stockholm crew flew in super early this morning, so excited for the race. We had breakfast at the airport and then it was AR team buses straight to the race area. We had a lot of different start times and I started at the dome by 11.30 with Q from the Adidas team. We ran the whole race together and you can see us two happy birds running pass the winter wonderland station on photo 3. Such a great feeling to run into the finish line! Then we had a lot of group photos and food, then buses to the hotel were all of the Adidas Runners stayed for the night.