Beautiful Christmas decor all over Sheraton hotel! A little Christmas feeling today, even though it’s a very different one this year. Spending it on the island Guam with my amazing mum, with tropical environment and no snow as far as I can see. My husband is in the US to celebrate with his family and my sister is home in Sweden. We are getting picked up soon to see a show with live tigers, it’s called the Sandcastle show and it’s arranged by Guam BG Tours. They have been taking such a good care of us during our stay, amazing people and company!


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Just got back from the Sunset Cruise with the best team from Guam BG Tours. We had a lovely buffet dinner and watched the intense sunset from the boat in the middle of the ocean. Just love experiences like this, makes me so relaxed and it kind of has a healing effect on me. Christmas Eve today, so weird haha, I don’t really have that xmas feeling... Enjoying getting out of town anyways, it’s been crazy much snow in Seoul lately. But it always disappears quickly. Missing my lil sis so much now during the festive holidays, but only two weeks left now to reunion!




Hello from the island Guam! Touchdown this morning, welcomed by heat and sunshine. Checked in at Hilton hotel for a couple of nights, and already spent the whole day in their amazing infinity pool with a view over the ocean. We are getting so well taken care of by Guam BG Tours, which is Guam’s no 1 attraction company, and they are taking us around the island to show their very special shows. Tonight we saw the Tao Tao Tasi dinner show, with a tasty and big buffet and a beautiful performance which you could see live on our Instagram story.





We started off our 2017 with a crazy intense and awesome trip to Los Angeles for work with a sportsbrand and photo jobs for two hotels, one central on Sunset Blvd and one in Santa Monica by the sea. The schedule was quite hectic but we had most of the evenings to ourselves to enjoy our sister time and explore a little bit of the nightlife and the food (always imporant for us haha).

We did some touristy things such as hiking the Hollywood Hills, eat ice cream by Santa Monica Pier and bike down to Venice Beach to watch the sunset. The weather was perfect the entire trip, sunny and blue skies.

We do a yearly trip in January the year before LA, was Bali that you might remember? And the upcoming one we are heading to Mauritius, an Island in Africa!


L Went to Berlin for her bday and team trip with almost 50 people. Can't find any photos more than these lovely roses from that trip, must have been a fun blur haha...

Fashion week in a cold Stockholm, here on Ida Sjöstedt's fashion show with dreamy dresses.


We went back to South Korea for Seoul Fashion Week, our favorite time of the year. Lots of new twin looks, hectic schedule with fashion shows, events and meetings. Always a blast to meet up with our old fashion and photographer friends from around world.

We also did some extra fun collaborations with brands such as Missoni, Karl Lagerfeld and Charles & Keith. The last mentioned one, made a special feature on us our their website for this. Thank you for the experiences!


Seoulsisters blog turned 4 years - can't believe it!

Just amazing and couldn't have done this without you guys, so thankful <3 And Jean Mint Cakes sent us a customized cake to celebrate, so sweet!


Had the honor to do such a cool collaboration with Miu Miu and for their Limited edition capsule collection. One of the best experiences!

Also went to both Selma spa in Sunne and Novi resort in Visby in Sweden for incredible weekend trips.


Reunited in Stockholm for a week to enjoy a little bit of the Swedish summer together and also plan and fix for the wedding. Trying out cakes and table decorations.

Headed down to Nice for some French Riviera life, beaches and walks in the sand.


The best trip of the year tho, gotta award that one to Jenny's bachelorette party in Mykonos! Crazy fun week with 7 girls in a big villa on a mountain top with a big infinity pool. The view was sick and just breath-taking, never wanted to leave. We went to beach clubs, fancy dinners and boat day on our own catamaran. Shopping and loooong party nights in the heat!

Went to Visby also for a week of Swedish summer with the girls, staying at Novi resort and partying at Kallis. It's been a tradition and the goal was 10 years in a row and now it's accomplished OMG!


The wedding took place on the 19th of August, the most important day of this year no doubt! It was such a Beautiful cermony in church and then a fun and emotional reception, dinner and party night in Stockholm. Everything was just perfect, from her dress to the people coming from all over the globe to celebrate with us. Watch the full wedding movie HERE!

Also went to Göteborg for the awesome music festival Way Out West with Mathilda. Days filled with artists such as Frank Ocean, Major Lazer, the XX and Lorentz. And of course day parties and memorable summer nights!


Went to Austin in Texas with Jenny's husband (his hometown) to stay in an amazing condo on the 26th floor (I think it was?). Stunning view over the town and lake. The complex also had a pool, gym and barbecue area where we hosted a wedding party the first weekend for family and friends. Smoking hot everyday, so the pool was a big plus.

Really had time to explore the city and we loved it! Can't wait to go back more in the future, since J's husband is American.


Time of the year again - Seoul Fashion Week SS18! Back at it with new twin looks and new designers. Always get so inspired for the new season with all the runways and people. Many fun after parties this time and always good to catch up with our fashion friends that we get to see just during SFW!

Our favorite look was the yellow and blue MaxJenny look, a Swedish designer, that we got so many features on.


This was quite a dark month for us, not seeing each other for the whole month and lots of overwhelming things happening in our private lives. You can't always control it all and it's OK to not be OK all the time, right?

But we are always strong together and this month has mostly been about taking care of ourselves to get back stronger.


It calls for Christmas and we are starting to get in the mood a little. Jenny will be in Seoul and Linda will be in Stockholm to celebrate xmas, but we just confirmed everything with our trip to Mauritius on the 5th of January, so we are super excited for this and to start a new strong and happy year together! Let's make 2018 a way better year xx



In collaboration with Nordiska Kliniken

Made a visit last week to my favorite clinic in Stockholm for a facial treatment and face consultation. Just love to pamper my skin and always learn more about what I can do to improve my beauty routines. It's so important to understand that we are all so different and that you get just what you need. The best part is that the girls at Nordiska Kliniken makes sure that they analyze your skin and presents only the most suitable options for just you. And for me I totally need that guidance, because it's seriously a jungle when it comes to skincare you guys! They showed me some great facial cleansers and serums, eye cremes and day/night creams. Never considered an eye creme as something crucial, but will definitely try that for a while. They also introduced me to some methods that I haven't known a lot about before, which is Dermapen and Chemical Peeling (click the links to read more). They both boost your skin and makes you glow, might be something for me later on. When you are comfortable in your own skin it really shows and you can wear any look with great confident. 




Some places just have a special meaning to you, like this beautiful oasis that I love to run when I feel stressed or low on energy. Sturebadet in Stockholm, gives me quite and calm to my mind. A workout session at their gym, a swim in the pool, a 50 min massage, some food and their amazing smoothies. Also the sauna, jacuzzi and quite hot steam room. I always feel so at ease coming out from an evening there...