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Italian night tonight in the apartment with some awesome new Ricossa red wine, antipasto, tapenad and burning candles - gotta love that everyday luxury!

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Here is the second part from the photoshoot with Chapnlle, love the nude lips with the shades of Brown and the golden frame on the shades with the clear white jumpsuit. The lighting is also getting all better now in the beginning of fall, when the light isn't that strong which gives a softness to the contrasts. Now it's time for me to finish off some final touches in the SS studio and as soon as it's done we'll show you some pics of it!

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Audrey Akman necklace / H&M Paris collection dress

Love this necklace full of sparkling crystals, it is so mindblowing. I totally felt like a princess wearing it! We had this photoshot outside a church in the afternoon sun. The sun was just about to set and just peaked in between the trees. Some magic right there!

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Gotta love cosy and calm Saturday mornings. Gotta love red berry mix smoothie. Gotta love LOVE!

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I find it very fun and giving to create and design my own things. Making something new with my nails is an easy way to be creative and adding some nice details. My nails are naturally very strong and don't crack that often, so it's even more fun to make it on my own nails. Here is one of my latest manicures; made with a white basic coat, gold French, black nail polish and a stick to create the details.

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plazaeve t1

Totally forgot to put up some photos from the amazing Plaza anniversary party at Sturecompagniet, well here they are! Stunning cake and cupcakes in gold and white fondant, good music and watermelon drinks, pink cotton candy and inspiring speeches from our favorite fashion editors Malin and Jennie. And oh, the surprise live performance by Albin and Kristin Amparo - made the whole place dance!

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Wildest Denim Dreams shorts and phone case / Asos hat / Seoul vintage top

We had the chance to capture some last looks in the late summer sun this weekend. I have been desperately wanting to try out my fierce new denim and in late September in Stockholm - just outdid it all! This weekend was full of fun photo projects, interior projects, brunch in the sun, workout and organizing the studio.

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Some extra love to sharing every morning with someone special. Enjoying something you love and that kickstarts your day. I prefer to have some time in harmony before heading to work, especially to take some time to eat a fresh breakfast and spending it with someone.

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Hello Seoulsisters Stockholm office! Just wanted to share with you one of our happy places, where we make dreams into reality and new creative ideas for the future. Where the flowers are always fresh, the clothes in focus and the idea book always in the making.

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Cheap Monday is celebrating 10 yrs of success and of course we want to celebrate with them! They are active in both of our favorite cities Stockholm and Seoul and lies really close to our fashion hearts. They are connecting different parts of the world and bringing people together through fashion, that's exactly how we think it should be.

Be a part of the celebration by clicking in HERE, and vote for your city. The 10 cities with the most votes will get a 10min PopUp with a giveaway of 10.000 jeans in 10 minutes! How cool? Make sure your city wins by voting, good luck guys!

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