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SOFIFI pants / Zara clutch / It's mo jacket (from Seoul) / Bershka bustier

So Fashion Week Stockholm has come to an end for this time, it has been a blast as always. The hectic schedule, the coffee and lunch breaks between shows, the events, the hanging out with blog colleagues and all the fabulous collections - spot on! The last day was most stressful for me, so this pics were taken just outside the Ida Klamborn show, it was late and the light was quite grey. But the last show and the last party is always so much fun and a mix of emotions of relief, happiness and excitement!

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The Dagmar SS15 show was at a museum and the models stood like mannequins showing the collection. The signature palette of the earthy colors combined with effortless elegant designs. Perfect for the chic business woman as well as for glam events. Favorites are the jackets in this line, the one in grey melange and the white/tan.

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Echoparty Korea fringe top / Forever21 jeans / Bebe shoes / Cheap Monday SS15 jewelry

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Our creative friends on the Cheap Monday designer team, did it again! Just what we all needed this MBFW, a show that surprised us all with a fun and happy ending. After a cool fashion show around a pool in a swimming hall, all of the models jumped into the pool with their clothes on and with colorful floating animals! Don't forget to check out Cheap Monday in Seoul as well, looking forward to hang out with the best design team there again.

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idasjöstedt (2)

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One of the highlights every season, Ida Sjöstedts new collections and shows. She keeps on reminding us of that we all have a little princess inside of us!

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Cosy mingle at Nobis Hotel, with yummie Amaretto cheesecake!

mbfw (1)

rS x Hunkydory cocktail party at Berns rooftop with the sweetest blogger crew and the designers of Hunkydory! Showing a little sneakpeak of the collection.

mbfw (4)

Alice Fine Decay event at Taverna Brillo, with this stunning ice cubes representing the line!

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mbfwday1 (1)

Zara pants / Sheinside jacket / Topshop bustier / 3NY bag

MBFW - here we go! Day 1 finished, my favorite shows were Ida Sjöstedt and Björn Borg. Because off a lot of office work I didn't have time to go to that many shows but it was so much fun to hang out with all the blog colleagues and see some fashion shows and events. Because of the rainy weather, this was my first day outfit. All white with long pants and a thicker boyfriend coat.

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yjewelry (12)


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Y Jewelry necklace

This necklace sets the perfect freedom vibe, three rocks standing tall together - unyielding.

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fw outfits1 MBFW coming up this week and also planning Seoul Fashion week later this fall - getting all excited!

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Some serious favorites right now; fresh watermelon and coconut aloe vera water. Delicious, healthy and a great weekend snack. Now we're ready for a productive Saturday!

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