Yeeey! Finally together now in Stockholm. Jenny arrived in the afternoon and has been kind of exhausted all night after a long flight. We're kicking off tomorrow with an exciting meeting with a jewelry brand and then a lot of planning over a big lunch out on town.

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As you might know we both have so much and thick hair to take care of. You curl it, straighten it and use different products which damage the hair. None of us colors it or change our hair style especially often, but it's still really hard to keep it shiny and strong. There is seriously a djungle out there with hair products! Got a great tip about a magic cure for damaged hair and now we're totally hooked on the Hair Repair-line from Waterclouds. It makes the hair so smooth and gives it more volume, since we both have so straight hair that's fab!

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In the studio with Artena's new collection, here is a little sneakpeak.

Can't believe I'm going to Stockholm in a few days - so excited! Lot of fun meetings and photoshots awaits with my partner in crime L. I'm spending this weekend finishing up things in Seoul and of course I have a lot of packing to do. Gotta get started!

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Frejgatan kök

Frejgatan 35

Frejgatan 1

Frejgatan balkong

Okay, so the reason behind the bad updates is simply that I'm in the middle of a big move and Jenny is wrapping up in Seoul and will be coming to Stockholm on Monday for some weeks. I thought it was fair enough to show you a sneakpeak of the new apartment that me and my love have bought and will be moving to this weekend. But we have made some changes, so the apartment is completely different from the pictures now, so I will show you everything later! I will have my own blog studio where all the blog magic will happen, so this will be great for us. Really want to focus more on the blog and make everything a little bit better, so here we go!

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front row dress

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Huge crush on bags; all odd, unique, colorful and fun bags are the best accessories in the world. Above is some of our favorites right now from some of our outfits!

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Wearing all Dagmar Pre Fall 2014 - HERE

The new collection that is out in store now is so magical, timeless and high quality. Here is some more pictures from the first styling we did for Dagmar, I love this elegant look. Really looking forward to see the results of the second styling, but that one you will see on Jenny!

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A little tenderness and romance in the stressful everyday life.

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Warehouse playsuit

What a magical day/night! My midsummer took place in the archipelago with a bunch of friends in a big summer house by the sea. So idyllic with the still water, paddocks and fields, the small gravel roads, happy neighbours with dogs and cats. The day started off with a big long table lunch with all traditional Swedish food, then it was a football game between our house and some neighbours, some boat activities and then BBQ for dinner. We played some team games, had the most amazing summer cake with strawberries and daim, danced all night long and watched the sunset. Midsummer is really a happy day together with friends or family!

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ceci July fashion sisters (2) ceci July fashion sisters (3) ceci July fashion sisters (4)

We're featured in the latest issue of korean fashion magazine CéCi, in a fashion sisters spread. You'll find us on the page 202 with a presentation and two pics from Seoul Fashion Week. Sister power!

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