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oreo smoothie (1)

Yey, the weekend is here! Starting with sharing the yummiest smoothie recipe ever - love the blueberry and oreo combo. Maybe it's not the most healthy smoothie ever, but it's a great morning snack. And boom - some american pancakes & croissants and we have a brunch. What's up with the magic about brunches? Love it.

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front row dress

front row dress (5)

front row dress (2)

Front row dress / Zara jacket / Monki shades / Zara shoes / GT earrings

A new favorite amongst my basics in the warderobe - the black casual lace dress (get it here)! This dress works with so many combos and just has that little extra. This styling went in the elegant chic direction, with the pumps and pink lips. But you can totally wear it with an oversized casual jacket/sweater and sneakers or a leather jacket with Hollywood curls for the night look.

We have been running around like crazy people in and out of interior stores and also online. Things are starting to come together and we are hanging out in the new apartment the whole weekend to plan it all. Within three weeks (hopefully) you will see a lot more from there. Now cheers to the freakin' weekend!

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Everyone has their secrets, but some secrets are just meant to be shared. Like our beauty secret, for our long thick hair. It's not especially easy to keep all of that hair smooth and shiny, but this Redken Diamond oil has some freakin' magic in it - just like the fab design of the bottle! You only need a few drops after showering your hair and then let it dry in a bit. A big favorite right now and a beauty secret worth sharing with you, find it HERE.

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ellos (6)  ellos (4)

ellos (2)

I'm so bummed out that I was to sick today to attend Oxydo Society's event today, so here is some pics from last event by Spalt PR. It was for Ellos and their new fab sortiment, totally love their interior collection.... On the last pic I'm sitting with my two sweet blog colleagues Viktoria and Niko.

Tomorrow is a holiday in Sweden, so I'm out of office all day. Perfect timing for me to get really well and have a nice and quite day with my love. And we're off to look at some furniture for the new apartment. Which we will get the keys to on friday - super excited!

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SOFIFI jade top and jacket / H&M boots / Zara sequin dress / Choies shades

I got a break from work today to celebrate a special someone's birthday today! And then back to work until I almost fell asleep on my desk... I've started to plan a trip back to my sis in Stockholm quite soon for summer and some fun projects. But wverything has to go together with my work back here in Seoul and flights and Lindas work schedule and so on. So a date is not totally settled, but when we have it - we'll tell you so you can follow us when we're united!

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vanitys (5)

Some more pictures from Vanity Studios when I got styled by the amazing hair stylist and blog colleague Therese. This is the perfect high pony tail and is indestrucible, I had it for a whole day and a rainy party night and when I woke up the day after it was still perfect..! You can find the full hair tutorial in my old post, HERE.

I catched a cold when I was in Dublin with work this weekend, so I'm a bit light-headed still and coughing. But hopefully back on my feet tomorrow!

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frozen (2)

Okay, finally found the best frozen yoghurt shop in Stockholm - Majito & co! You can choose from 4 different flavors on the yoghurt and then you get to pour it yourself in the cup and then fill it up with whatever garnish you want. Berries, chocolate, marschmallows, cookies and candy etc. Like a little candy store, we will definitely hang around there this summer...

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hangers (1)

hangers (3)


Okay, so me and my love have bought an apartment and we'll get the keys in 8 days (!), so the interior dream is in full action. The most important part of the apartment will be the studio for me and I'm super focused to get it just according to my visions in my mind. These hangers above is so me and my style - elegant pearls, poppy gold sequins and fierce leopard - which will be perfect details in the studio/warderobe. So excited! Next step is to find the perfect double glass door for the bedroom and the perfect black thin work desk for the studio...

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lingerie (1)

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At the So Gallery

My pictures from Lingerie Press Days that was last week. I don't want to overload you with event pictures, so I'm trying to spread it out a bit! There was a lot of events going on last week and this week, so some more happenings will come up.

The lingerie event by Eva Helena PR was so fabulous! Who doesn't love lingerie and romantic flowers hanging from the ceiling in a gallery while eating yummie scones and princess cake? On the first picture you can see my favorite lingerie set from Elle Macpherson, love the marin and lace... I wore a jumpsuit from Dry Lake and a vintage bomber jacket, as comfy as it can get!

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SOFIFI top / Cres E Dim skirt

Here is a classic Korean village setting with the trees, jars and little house behind. It was so sweet, I just had to have it as a setting. It's getting so much hotter nowadays in Seoul, that you can't wear that much clothes and layers. The AC is on all the time at the apartment and at the office.

The skirt is from one of our favorite Korean designers, Cres E Dim, their futuristic collections are so impressive.

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