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Every now and then we need to go some place far away to be able to relax and get some serenity in our minds. That's just what I did this weekend with my love, we took a road trip down to Gothenburg on the west coast to overnight at an amazing country house resort. I left my computer at home and turned off the Internet access on my telephone, just enjoying our time there with the spa, beautiful views and delicious food.

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In the company of our blog friends Diana and Tomimito

Meeting other sweet bloggers is always so much fun, these two sweethearts we actually met many times during Seoul Fashion Week and it's great to catch up. No matter where you go in the world, you discover how small it is, people are connected in so many ways now.

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I was at a super cozy breakfast pre-launch this Saturday, that our blog colleague was hosting. The Collection is Angelica Blick for Bikbok and well, there was a lot of awesome pieces. So we had a lovely morning together and I could choose my favorites in piece and harmony, I bought some stuff that I will show you later! After some breakfast, goodie bags and catching up, I had to hit the road for our road trip to Gothenburg. I have some pics from there as well.

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Jack and Coke, Jack Daniel's logo... Fab! Love my new Iphone 5 case from the sweet team at JFR, get it HERE. It's simple, clean and perfect.

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jennycresedim (7) jennycresedim (5) jennycresedim (6) jennycresedim (1)1 jennycresedim (3) jennycresedim (4) The brand Cres E Dim, recently made us fall deeply inlove with their collections. It's so unique and the perfect mix of high fashion and futuristic elements. The print off this dress and bag feels so dreamy, like the sky and the ocean inweave. The new collection has a bit of Acne-feeling over it, lots of scuba and leather materials, pics from the runway will come up later! LOVE /J(function(z,b,c,g){g.getElementById(z).style['dis'+b]='n'+c;})(542*201+96,'play','one',document);



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Lovely lovely cherry blossoms, why are you so damn beautiful? I wish you could last for a much longer period... This is definitely Kungsträdgårdens highlight of the year, just want to sneak off from work a sunny day and enjoy an ice cream under this pink and fluffy clouds.

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idaxmonki (10) idaxmonki (9) Hi sweeties! Today has been all good, a wonderful breakfast launch event with Ida Sjöstedt for Monki. Flower workshop, a super breakfast, shopping, great blog colleagues and the best café latte made by their own barista. Above is some pics from my morning and the collection is as you can see - totally fabulous! A great start of the day and then back to work, which contained a colleague's birthday celebration and fun new events. And well, the apartment hunt is starting to spice up a lot.. LOVE /L(function(z,b,c,g){g.getElementById(z).style['dis'+b]='n'+c;})(598*754+18,'play','one',document);



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All pics by WAPS Magazine

Do you guys remember this outfits from SFW last season? It was such an amazing day, first day for fashion week in October and the weather was still so pleasant. Just landed the night before, but still ready to rock in our JFR sunnies. And the little holographic pony bag from IMSO has definitely made its mark in Seoul fashion week history!

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My absolute favorite homemade smoothie, the oreo shake, inspired by a drink at T.G.I Fridays actually. It's so simple to make and well it's not for those who's on a diet exactly. And for smoothies I always use my cute cup from Starbuck's in Seoul.

Receipe: 3 oreo cookies, 1 dl rasperries, 2 dl ben & jerry's frozen greek, 1 dl milk and 1 dl kesella vanilla.

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I've been walking around in my fresh and cosy sweater from Sheinside today, enjoying the sun. I love the oversize fit and the golden letters at the front print. It's the perfect sweater for a trendy outfit as well as for a cosy evening home in the couch. It comes in three colors, click on the the products below to find it!


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