Loved wearing this royal chain in my hair during SFW, the perfect detail to make an unfixed hairdo into something unique.

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White lace dress from SOFIFI

How amazing isn't this thin crochet dress? It's so comfortable and beautiful, with the low back and long arms. A true material crush!

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SFW Day 2



Photo by Hasoo

During SFW wearing some lovely SOFIFI cropped tops and colorful Chicwish skirts.





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SFW is definitely a highlight of the season, all fashionable people in Seoul at one enormous newly-built arena - Designer Plaza in Dongdaemun. It's an amazing experience, it's completely crowded and hysterical. Streetstyle photographers and fashion reporters everywhere and models, fashionistas and celebrities all over the place. We also met a lot of people from last season, which was so much fun to catch up with them!

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kmakeup (3)

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kmakeup (2)

Today we tried the amazing new Korean beauty brand MIGUHARA, the new series of everything from serums to bb-creams and cleansers. It really made our skin so smooth, baby face alert! We especially liked the bp-cream, which is a blemish primer that just melts into your skin.

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Photos by Carl Johns / Dresses from SOFIFI

As ambassadors for the fabulous brand SOFIFI we wore these beautiful creations for SFW Day 3, same model but different colors. It's impossible not to feel like a princess, and they are also so comfortable. The press went crazy for these crochet art works and it was a perfect opportunity to finally wear them.

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On day 2 we did an interview with the fabulous runway diva Miss J Alexander together with the film team from SBS that has been following us around. He is such an inspiration and and it's great to see him in Seoul, loving the fashion here.

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Crochet tops - SOFIFI / Skirts - Chicwish

Gosh! Fashion week is flying by, so much to do - no time to think. We've been to a lot of shows today and filming with a TV crew all day, lots of interviews and events. It's so much fun and totally crazy at the same time, the Designer Plaza is so huge and fantastic. We'll try to fill you in more tomorrow, follow us on Instagram in the meanwhile @seoulsistersblog!

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The invitations for Seoul Fashion Week is pouring in, time to RSVP and we are starting to get really excited! Just talked to Linda and her bag is so full as always, but at least everything seems to be packed. She will land in Seoul around 4 pm and then it's a drive back to my apartment. Then we have to get changed and get ready for the first show already on Friday. I better hold on tight, 'cause these days will fly by!

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packing (3)

packing (1)

packing (2)

Hi all! Finally started packing for SFW today, I just haven't been getting going. After a late meeting with amazing Sofie it all cleared out in my head and now I'm on the go. Clothes and presents as usual, it's only two days left - I can't believe it! I'm also preparing mentally for six hectic days, full of shows, meetings and events. I can sleep when I get back to Stockholm...

So we are officially ambassadors for the fabulous brand SOFIFI and will be representing it during SFW. All looks will be pretty much all SOFIFI everything, with some extra adds of personal accessories and details. We are super excited and the whole collection is so us. Lots of crochet, silk and leather in elegant designs. Can't wait to show you!

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