Stockholm modecenter press party (3)

Stockholm modecenter press party (2)

Stockholm modecenter press party (7)

Stockholm modecenter press party (5)

Stockholm modecenter press party (8)

What a show and what a crazy event Modecenter throwed when fashion weeks in Stockholm was over. It was hosted at Café Opera, a big night club in central Stockholm. Lots of lingerie was presented on the catwalk, with action and ballons. It was so crowded at the party that you barely could make your way around the place. But everything was really well arranged and we had time to hang out with the amazing team from Spalt PR.

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Something that we have been obsessing about, together with rest of the fashion scene, is the leopard sneakers. It's the perfect flat and comfy shoe to lift up any outfit for the everyday wear. Above is our favorite models, click on the slide that you want to shop!

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makemyday (3)1

makemyday (1)

makemyday (2)

My favorite makeup items right now. My make up bag contains of YSL mascara, Korean designer fondation stick, Banila co. black eyeliner, Sephora black eye shadow, Sephora rouge/bronze, some MUS gold shimmer and YSL-lipsticks.

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skyscr (1)12

skyscr (4)

skyscr (2)

Hat - Asos / Shoes - NLY / Skirt & top - Seoul Boutique / Jacket - Jofoma

I'm so excited to go to Seoul again in March, I'm missing it like crazy! I'm ready to fill my spring warderobe with colorful statement clothes from the awesome boutiques there. It's my 10th time staying in Seoul - how crazy isn't that? My little second home.

Today after a lot of work, we had time for some apartment hunting (which by the way is extremely psychologically stressful and emotional) and end it off with some fantastic burgers at Flippin' Burgers.

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Altewaisaome (4)

Altewaisaome (7)


Altewaisaome (1)

Altewaisaome (2)

All photos by us

One of the greatest shows during MBFW was of course Altewaisaome, we had such high expectations on the collection and they truly did deliver! Cool and thick fabrics in lummy colors, all looks with belts in the waist. Some stripes of an unexpected color here and there, high collars and midi length. We really saw some great designs on the runway, even though it's not typical our style.

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kaylee (1)

kaylee (2)1

kaylee (4)

kaylee (3)

Gaining more energy these days, since I been catching up a lot at the gym. It has been hard to prioritize my workout with so much work 7 days a week, but it feels so much better now! More energy and clear-headed.

Don't forget to follow us during Seoul Fashion Week 21-26th of March here on the blog and Instagram!

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tiger (2)

tiger (3)


We watched the finale collection, Tiger of Sweden, during MBFW with our team at Projection. We met up for some drinks and then it was off to this big show, with loads of people. As always it was a great collection presented, very earthy and calm color scale.

I just love the first pic, the whole team on our way in to the stage - such a great crew!

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SS article in ELLE

SS article in ELLE 2

Feeling really happy today, our big article in ELLE Korea is now out in stores all over. It's a two spread fashion diary, text and photos by us, all during MBFW in Stockholm. It's all about Swedish trends, what we thought about the shows, coming trends from the runway AW14, our busy days and happenings/events after fashion week. It was incredible to be able to do this, we had so much fun along the way. Hectic schedule, taking snapshots of every moment, amazing collections and so nice designers and other people in the industry that we have meet during that time. Thank you ELLE Korea!

We are hoping that our korean readers will enjoy it!

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ELLE (4)

ELLE (30)

ELLE (7)

ELLE (26)

All photos by us

During MBFW we were on some job missions, both for ELLE Korea and Projection. Photographing streetstyle and trends was one of the tasks, and we quickly discovered how the bag hype was a fact. Since it was so cold in Stockholm, fashionistas were putting it all into the accessories - especially bags. Here is some of our favorite ones!

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ELLE (21)

Dagmar aftershow party (3)

Dagmar aftershow party (2)

Dagmar aftershow party (1)

Dagmar aftershow party (4)

Dagmar put an extra effort into their show, with delicious Absolut Vodka Elyx drinks and a great mingle afterwards. It was nice with a little break in between and it gave us some time to mingle with our blog colleagues and also get some photos for our article.

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