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Alright, New Years Eve - bring it on! Can't wait to welcome 2014, feels like I'm already there. Strolling around in my amazing top from the brand Finders Keepers, that I found on Zalando a while ago. Love the fall of the fabric in the back, makes it more exciting! Have you guys decided what to wear for tonight? I'm celebrating in a dress, I will try to find some time to show you. So much to prepare, even though I'm lucky enough to not be in charge over the dinner making tonight.

Have a great and fantastic New Years Eve sweeties!


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New Years Eve upcoming tomorrow, are you guys excited? For a new year and so many new possibilities, can't wait! I feel prepared for the last day of 2013, with new nails made by myself, a dress and plans with loved ones. I even bought a champagne bottle, that pops confetti - how awesome is that? And oh, yes I did puzzle each diamond onto my nail with glue. What can I say, I love to go crazy creative (or just crazy) on my nails.

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Some old pictures from Seoul Fashion Week 2012 by Stylefish.

So I am back in Korea and let me tell you it was not a lot of rest after my 12 hours up in the air, straight to work and a whole lot of catching up. I have a lot of sleep to regain as well, so now I really have to get everything done for today so I can sleep like 15 hours in a row...

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Some results from our playful photoshoot at Inner Circle feat Topshop pyjamas. We wore these cool caps from the photographer team and Topshop pyjamas sets. It's always fun to do shootings together!

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So a long fantastic Christmas is now over and so is also our gathering in Stockholm. Jenny flew back to Seoul earlier today and haven't landed just yet. After the 12 hours flight it's straight to the office...

We recently received the Seoulsisters cases for Iphone 5 and Iphone 4 - adore them! What do you think?

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Hi all! Did you have an awesome Christmas? Lots of nice gifts, food and family? Well, so did we. Like this fab houndstooth coat from Sheinside - thank you so much! I will wear this a great deal, I have a lot of outfits in my head with this coat. Works great for most occasions - chic, casual, sweet, elegant or rock chic. Don't forget that you can shop the outfit below, by simple clicking on the product pictures!


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Christmas Eve - a joyful, calm and loving day! An early morning, lots of food all through the day, opening gifts and watching Christmas movies.

I have a crush on my new Benetton clutch from Zalando. It is elegant yet chic and I really like it with the combination black & white. I added some Christmas red lipstick to make the outfit a little bit colorful.

Merry Christmas to all of you!

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In my bag right now; Chanel Frisson case on my new Iphone 5, Laura Key leopard marcara and YSL cover and stay-in-place.

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I am a bit obsessed with some pieces online right now (please Santa, I hope you see this) that would definitely suit in my warderobe!

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Today is 4th of Advent and it is only two Days left 'til Christmas Eve, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around the house. A big green rich colored tree that sparkles with the lights and gold/red Xmas tree baubles. The gifts are starting to fill up and the Christmas candy and saffron buns has been baked. Above you can see our family tradition - homemade white and dark chocolate with nuts, dried fruit, candy canes and marshmallows. It's sickly delicious!

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