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So freakin' happy with my new Make It Better, I think it turned out pretty magic - what do you think? I have been wanting to make something with this amazing crystal stone chain that I found on a market in Seoul and who doesn't love unique and beautiful lingerie? So I decided to make a strapless bra from Lindex (that I never use) into something special. Some Saturday creativity! I will use it under a white transparent blouse or just let it show a bit with an open back or cutout tops.

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Pants - Mango / Shoes - Zara / Top - H&M / Belt - Bikbok / Earcuff - GT

I have a lot of work to run through before welcoming the well-deserved weekend. Tonight we are pre-starting up Xmas with an amazing choir in a big church, called Händel Messias and a big dinner at Grill Ruby before that. Tomorrow it's more festivities, as we are invited to a Christmas mingle with mulled wine (glögg) and buffet. On Sunday it's advent the 1st, so that means that it's time to fill the apartment with stars, glitter and candles. And finishing up the weekend on Sunday with a photoshoot. A really cozy weekend ahead of me!

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Completely deeply madly inlove with my new lipsticks from Yves Saint Laurent, my pics will come up later! They are the perfect matt and rich lipstick for all occations and the freakin' design itself is so fab - gold and shiny. Welcome to my lipstick stash is all I can say and I believe that in a couple of months there will be more colors of you in my makeup box.

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New photoshoot with Nakie from Innerstudio. It is always so great working with him and his team, they are so fun and professional! We shot a lot of different looks and I like this simple one, just black & white with a little bit of sparkle.

It´s getting so cold here in Seoul, I'm wearing multiple layers everyday, I'm so noooot a winter person. But I do like shopping for winter clothes: cozy sweaters and fab jackets.

Love/ J







Details, details, details... Truly excites me! What do you think of my new top three? Amazing new embellished shades from Choies, the perfect black matt eye shadow from Sephora and chic leopard frenchies from Claire's. Hell to the yeah!

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Jacket & Pants from Forever 21 / Shoes from Seoulmarket

I'm finally getting better from being sick for a while now. Think I was working too hard with the ELLE deadline, my business and several projects, but what can I do, I LOVE to be busy! Anyways, back on track and ready to catch up on a lot of work. Thanksgiving is soon here so there are lots of events going on this week. I am ready to eat turkey and my favorite: pumpkin pie!

Today's outfit is quite bohemian, not usually my style but I really fell in love with this cozy faux fur jacket. Even the girl at the cash register was telling me how much she loved that jacket and that it already sold out.

Have a great day, peace and love!








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Decided to make this weeks Seoulsisters weekly dedicated to Xmas which is knocking on everyone's doorstep! Looking forward to Xmas, the tree, the gifts, the baking and the joy. Above is our favorite dresses online and hopefully you can find someone you like. Especially inlove with the two dresses to the left, the one with the cute cuts and the velvet one.

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It's getting colder and colder, luckily the sun peaked out so I had the chance to wear my fab new coat from Sheinside. I am always on the hunt for the perfect coat and this is definitley a great candidate, you will see me wear this a great deal for spring! The V neck, the cuts and the length is perfect on this white coat and is easy to combine with plenty of outfits. Next time I will wear it together with trashed light denim jeans, boots, curly hair, checkered shirt and lots of gold rings. Lots of love to this coat and to Sheinside! Get the white coat HERE

Now some T-bone steak for dinner and then off to watch The hunger games: Catching Fire with my favorite - so excited!

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Kaylee Cho Interview - Part 1

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The rockin' results from the shoot at Inner Circle Studio, great to be working with Naki and his team once again! Here in the amazingly cool bodies from Mr. Gugu & Miss GO, get the leopard HERE and the panda HERE. How cute and funky aren't they? Love pandas and leopards, simply the best animals in the world. And their concept is clothing with cool prints, so they have lots and lots more. Many thanks to Mr. Gugu & Miss GO!

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