2014 highlights

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Stockholm. Extremely cold but so much fun! Full schedule every day from 8 in the morning to midnight, full of fashion shows, events, interviews and a lot of hanging out with our sweet crew at Projection.

Styling and photoshoot for the Swedish fashion brand Dagmar and their Prefall Collection. So honored to be a part of that!

Our first spread in the Swedish fashion Magazine Plaza Kvinna about being the hottest sister bloggers!

The show 'Seoul women' aired on Korean TV channel SBS, a camera crew followed us for a whole week. In the mornings when we were getting ready, out on blog meetings and photoshoots, taxi rides, for fashion dinners and events. A crazy fun adventure!

During the year we have been ambassadors for the Swedish fashion brand SOFIFI and it has been such an honor to wear all the beautiful lace and leather creations, but especially fun to get to know the sweet and talented designer behind the brand. XX!

Seoul Fashion Week FW14 - always one of the best weeks of the year, together in Seoul doing just what we love. Meeting all the press, old blog and media friends, get inspired by the runways and running in heels all day. BIG LOVE

Linda went on a roadtrip in USA for almost three weeks and had time to see San Francisco, LA, Las Vegas and New York!

Linda got a new place in Stockholm!

Jenny walked the runway for a major fashion show during Seoul Fashion Week!

Jenny did a lot of major work meetings and interviews with Seoul's fashion elite such as designer Lie Sang Bong, Miss Jay and SueComma Bonnie. With her she had a huge TV crew.

Seoul Fashion Week SS15, matchy twin looks throughout the whole week - so happy to represent a bunch of fabulous favorite brands from all over the world - Swedish, Korean, Australien, Spanish and American.

Ended year with hitting over 10,000 followers on Instagram @seoulsistersblog. You guys are our drive and inspiration - BIG LOVE!

We realize that a lot of amazing things have happened this year and goals have been reached. We can make this list so much longer, but then it will kind of loose it's purpose. This is a quick review of what goes through our minds right now. It's a bit sentimental to say goodbye to 2014 that has treated us so very well, but we are so excited to start a new year with you guys. So much fun adventures planned for 2015, can't wait. Never stop dreaming people! And a happy new year!