Green army

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Wearing Ivyrevel jacket & dress / Stella McCartney bag

Our food tour continues and yesterday we were at Trädgården and ate dinner, super cute place in the city center over the big market place. Big outdoor terrace where we had cod with browned butter and horseradish, and then creme brulee for dessert of course. We had some drinks as well and hung out with the crew there which we met the night before. It’s been a bit rainy today, so tonight we are staying in though for movies and homemade salad á la wifey. We don’t ever want to leave this island, escaping reality every now and then is well needed!



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So okay, a major thing that we are dealing with down here – is the food! We have had so many awesome dinners and lunches in Visby and I think you really deserve that during the last vacay days right? The first three photos are from Kafe:it, super cosy café with awesome food, coffee and pastries – and the interior is so cool too. We sat here for hours and enjoyed ourselves and then we also moved out on the patio when the sun came out (yey, summer is not gone yet). The last photo is at Vinäger, seriously the best restaurant in Visby according to me. We ate dinner there yesterday and I could eat their sweet potato fries with honey and aioli errday…. Heaven on Earth for sure, and the place itself is like a little hideaway. So pretty and cosy!


Stars collide

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Wearing Ivyrevel dress / YSL bag / Crocker jeans

I have a huge crush on stars right now, in prints and accessories. Loving the trend that will be huge this fall! So Visby is treating us real good, it’s no longer high season here, so it’s very calm and you can just enjoy the pretty scenery and no stress. We checked in at Tott yesterday and then we just stayed in for the night and watched scary Movies, laughing our asses off. Today we have been strolling around in the city – talking about life, drinking super good coffee and checking out Swedish designs. We both got a hat from Samsøe & Samsøe since they were super cool but also since it was kind of cold and we only brought summer clothes…



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The best ice cream that there is – right here in Visby! 160 flavours to pick from, talk about hard decisions. Especially when it’s everything from blueberry cheesecake, gingerbread and kinderegg, which was the ones I took. So me and Mathilda arrived today and I couldn’t be more excited to just have this 4 days of complete relaxation with her. No work mails, no meetings, no stress.


Throwback from bed


A little snapchat filter TBT from Ibiza. I have been sick for more than a week now with the flu, getting so bored by just staying in everyday. I panic a bit from missing out on events, friends and family. I just want to wear something else than my robe or sweats. Not have a killer headache and be hoarse. Next up is Visby with Mathilda, so hopefully I will get a lot of sleep and relaxation over there.