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Wearing HotMiamiStyles dress / Vintage jacket / Pared eyewear

I have always been a sucker for red when it comes to clothing, the color just pops in any situation. This dress is super comfy and has the perfect lenght. It’s been a crazy day today, with a lot of new stuff to deal with at work. It’s never a calm day here in Seoul, not like vacay mode as in Stockholm right now haha. But I am excited to see where this leads!


Summertime happiness

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In collaboration with NOBE aloe vera

We´re super proud ambassadors for the yummie NOBE drink with real aloe vera bits in it. We drink heaps of our favorite flavours coconut and melon now during hot summer days. It’s so fresh and good for your body. Right now you can compete in their contest to win a trip for you and a friend to the coolest city ever – SEOUL. Which is both NOBE’s and our origin. Get to the competition HERE!


Visby checkin


In Visby, Gotland

Just a quick checkin from my favorite Island Visby! We are having the time of our lives here, party is going down everyday – people are dancing on the tables and balloons are in the air. I have been here every summer since I was 15 years old, totally insane… But since we have our country house here, it’s like a second home to come back to. Visby is so pretty in the summer time, the surroundings are magical. We have been very afficient and we are doing things all the time. Meeting up with old friends, having nice dinners by the water, dancing in the sun on Kallis, drinking delicious drinks and tanning and poolin. Cheers!