Cactus heaven

Finally started the makeover of the living room, super excited – starting with the greens! Made a visit to little cactus heaven behind Frescati, finding two dreamy different kind of palm trees (larger than the ones on the photo) and a monstera plant too. Got a new rug, new pillows, new dog bed to Elvis and a new velvet arm chair is incoming! Stay tuned xx



elly pistol (1)

elly pistol (4)

elly pistol (8)

elly pistol (11)

Wearing Elly Pistol jacket & bag / Aimn sportswear tights

Finally got my nails done and hair cut, very well needed – feeling all fresh again. Also booked lunch for me and my team tomorrow at Kommendören, it’s gonna be a nice way to end this intense work week. And soon time for a calm weekend with a lot of fix in the apartment and Mello-finals on Saturday with the girl squad!