Running sand

aimn beach (4)

aimn beach (9)

aimn beach (11)

aimn beach (2)

aimn beach (8)

aimn beach (13)

Wearing Aimn Sportswear / Junkyard jacket & shoes

There is nothing like those sunsets in Santa Monica, miss em so much! It’s been a crazy week so far, business as usual and just hectic work days. Had such a fun night yesterday with the team, taco dinner at Yuc (who won price for best restaurant at the Gulddraken gala) and then we went to a hockey game at a big arena called Hovet. A game between Djurgårn and Färjestad. I don’t really cheer for a team normally, but now we supported DIF as one of the girl’s husband play for them as a goal keeper. Tonight I am seeing Ylva for dinner, it was such a long time ago now!



popeye (2)

popeye (3)

Everything that’s colorful, big and cute – is just a must to pose next to! Found this little fellow on the pier in the sun just outside a fish restaurant. I have been calling around to wedding dresses shops today, it’s time to book some appointments and start the hunt for the perfect white dress for the wedding in August!


Crab and lobster

blue wall (4)

blue wall (2)

blue wall (5)

blue wall (7)

Wearing Junkyard top & shoes / HMS skirt / Knutgadd watch

The Swedish music competition Melodifestivalen (where we choose our contestor for the Eurovision Song Contest) is on this time of year. So I had a super cosy night in with Jos and Elvis last night with pizza and wine. Today I had so much energy to go through things I have been blasting off for so long, like sorting through shelfs/boxes and throwing stuff away. Elvis also got to spa and he is now so fluffy and smells better than me haha… x