Breakie with Dermalogica




At Åhléns City’s personal shopper lounge

Went to a super cosy and intimate press breakfast with Dermalogica. We were there super early before the warehouse was open for the public. We had the personal shopper’s lounge to ourselves and first we had a skin analyze and then also a super healthy breakfast from Koloni. My analyze said that my skin is very oily and that I need a good cleanse both morning and evening. I will show you later how they effected me to change my skin routines!


Packing for Paris


This is our little special note book that we have had since we started the blog 3 years ago. It contains ideas, plans, travels and schedules. If it’s something that we are both good at – it’s planning and organizing stuff. Right now, a packing and to do list is in process for Paris. Haven’t been there since we were kids! Can’t wait, so much to check off in so little time.


Hawaii life

Time is standing still here in Hawaii and I am taking in every moment of it, this is way above average. We did a drink course at the Four Seasons Hotel with Moët on our second day, we really managed to blend delicious drinks I must say. Hawaii style with a tropical flower in it of course. Then when we came to Maui, we arrived at this amazing infinity pool with just an endless view of the ocean by Wailea Beach. It’s been around 25 degrees and I really enjoyed floating around in the pool. Of course with a tropical drink in my hand. And how cute are the flower rings? They gave them out when we arrived.