Paris Croissant ofc




At Paris Croissant at Rodeo

Errtime we go for that long cosy brunch at our favorite spot in Seoul. So cosy and pretty atmosphere, perfect for planning and meetings. Always take the brunch plates and some cute treat – this time a strawberry tartlet. Today we have 5 shows that we want to make it to, really looking forward to YCH that we have never watched before. Then we are going to a mingle with the Swedish Embassy and then an influencer dinner with rewardStyle.


Blackened silver





Wearing Bitte Kai Rand set / Steve Madden shoes / NLY choker

You might recoqnize this material from another look that L wore in Paris? It’s from the same brand, but this time a super comfy two piece set. Inlove with this fabric, super stretchy with makes it sooo comfortable. Perfect for a long day like them fashion week days. We are gonna try to end this day a bit earlier, to catch up on emails and planning for upcoming super busy days.


Tassles and sparkles




Wearing Bitte Kai Rand clothing / Jennie-Ellen shoes left / Steve Madden shoes right

Kicking off Seoul Fashion Week today with new twin looks and new fun projects on the go! Today we are attending the shows of Beyond Closet, Big Park, Rocketxlunch and Steve J & Yoni P. We also have an afterparty at Bon the shop and then a bday dinner on the schedule – busy bees! Don’t forget that you can now follow us on Instagram stories for live updates.


Brunch for four



A very important thing that we do when we get together is that we eat. Like a lot, a lot of pretty and tasty things. We love trying new cute places in different areas. So me, my bf, Linda and Fang went for this cute┬ábrunch place real close to where I live in Seoul. It’s called S. Tavern and it’s super cosy inside and they also have a big outdoor patio on the second floor.


Pink deets




Wearing DM Retro romper & dress

Sparkling and blooming today in Seoul, as you might have seen on our Instagram story we have been to Everland zoo & amusement park today with Fang. We saw pandas, lions, hyenas, bears, seals, monkeys and penguins – just to mention a few. We have always wanted to see real pandas, and it was so cool! They are so funny, just sleeping all over the place, upside down in a tree or flat on their stomach with their head hanging down over the bed. We also went with safari buses, went to 4D Rio movie and ate a lot of sweets.